Randolphgray. International hair educator for the colomer group


Welcome to world of Randolph Gray. International Hair Educator for The Colomer Group. There is so much to find out about Randolph; not just his talent as a stylist for some of the top models around the world and his teaching in Africa, but also his expert knowledge of all that is hair and his predictions for the hair styles you have yet to see, based on his close association with the fashion industry.



Meet Randolph.

Randolph is a man driven by a passion for all things associated with hair and beauty. For the past ten years that includes teaching some of the most talented hair dressers of the future in the most incredible Hair Academy in Africa.


Ask Randolph.

Take some hints and tips from an expert and find out what’s going to be turning heads in 2009.


Randolph's Snippets

Find out what Randolph’s about – ask him his views on hair today. Randolph blogs from wherever he is in the world – so check out his blog and find out what’s happening.

Randolph Gray. International Hair Educator